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Safe thanks to expert protection

Our rent deposit guarantee is safer for you than a cash deposit. If your landlord wants to claim the deposit, the tenancy law experts at R+V Versicherung will first check whether he is allowed to do so in the first place. Only if the claims are legal will the deposit be paid out.

Simple, fast and cheap

Apply for your guarantee online - it only takes a few minutes. The document will be in your mailbox just two days later. You pay an annual fee of only 5.25% of the deposit amount for our service. This means, for example, that instead of having to pay a deposit of €2000, you only pay €8.75 per month as a contribution.

Always fair to you

Fairness is very important to us. So don't worry, our rental deposit guarantee is not a subscription trap. It has no fixed term but can be terminated by you at any time and without giving reasons. We will reimburse you for overpaid contributions with daily pro rata billing. With us there are no hidden costs or additional fees.

Only we offer:

Premium payment in case of job loss
We are also there for you in difficult situations. We will help you if you lose your job due to professional reasons: We take over the payment of your guarantee contributions for up to 24 months.

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about rent deposit guarantees

How does the rent deposit guarantee of kautionsfrei.de work?

Anyone who rents a flat will lose a lot of money before moving in. Normally you have to pay a deposit of up to three net rents with your landlord. Your landlord parks this rental deposit as a security on the rental deposit account. That's where your money then rests - unattainable for you until you move out. Wouldn't it be much nicer if you could keep that money and use it for yourself?

This is where our rent guarantee comes in. Because instead of a deposit, your landlord gets our surety certificate. This has advantages for both sides: You have money at your disposal and your landlord has the security of a guarantee from our partner, R+V Versicherung.

Exclusive, kautionsfrei.de advantage for you: If your landlord wants the deposit, the R+V experts first check whether he is allowed to do so at all. Only if the claim is legal does R+V pay money to your landlord. In contrast to an insurance, R+V only pays in advance in the case of a guarantee, i.e. it subsequently recovers the amount paid from you. But if - and this is the normal case - everything goes smoothly between you and your landlord, he will return the certificate back to you when you move out, you then send it to us and that's it! For this great service you only pay a small annual fee - depending on your deposit amount. Guaranteed without additional and hidden costs

Do I pay off the rent deposit guarantee?

There is no "paying off" here, because with a rent deposit guarantee you pay off neither a financing, nor a credit or your rent deposit. Instead, you pay the small annual fee for the many advantages we offer you - for example that you can keep the deposit money at your free disposal and for expert protection in deposit disputes. You can cancel our rental deposit guarantee at any time, without giving reasons and without notice. You will receive back any annual contribution already paid at this time on a pro rata basis. Note, however, that your landlord will charge you for the rent deposit once he no longer has the security of a surety.

What are the requirements for the rental deposit guarantee?

It is important that your lease is a German one. This means that your apartment must be located in Germany. Unfortunately we cannot consider applications for apartments in other countries.
Additionally, the applicant must be of legal age and have a European bank account.

Before the application is approved, we will perform a credit check. The application will only be approved if the credit check is positive.

Furthermore, there must not be any open payments or claims with the insurance provider, R+V Versicherung.

What are the advantages of kautionsfrei.de?

You have informed yourself, compared suppliers and researched prices and are now asking yourself: Why should I sign with kautionsfrei.de? What does this place offer that other providers don't have? Quite simple. Only we offer you a carefree rental with our added security:

Are you moving out and your landlord makes a claim for damages? Only once the R+V insurance experts have checked and confirmed the legality of the claim will a payment be made.
With a rent deposit guarantee from kautionsfrei.de you play it safe - even in the event of operational-related unemployment. We take over the contributions for up to 24 months, so that you have one less worry.

What does the rent deposit guarantee at kautionsfrei.de cost?

For the rent deposit guarantee of kautionsfrei.de you only pay an annual premium of 5.25 % of the rent deposit amount. That’s it. For we guarantee: At kautionsfrei.de there are no hidden or additional costs - not even for closing, processing or account management.

How do I cancel the rent deposit guarantee of kautionsfrei.de?

This is quite simple, at any time and without giving reasons. Simply have your landlord hand over the guarantee document to you, sign it and return the signed document to us in its original form. We terminate your contract as soon as we receive the document and of course only charge the days until it is returned. We will reimburse you for any annual fees already paid at this point in time on a pro rata basis to the nearest cent.

Here you can request a free envelope for the free return shipment of the certificate.

And by the way: If, contrary to expectations, your landlord does not accept the guarantee, a contribution-free return within 14 days is possible without any problems.

Does every landlord accept a rent deposit guarantee?

In our experience: More and more landlords are aware of the rental deposit guarantee and are happy to accept it. After all, we offer many advantages not only to you, but also to your landlord. For example, he no longer needs to take care of a deposit account and settle its interest and taxes. He receives a free credit check of his future tenants and can usually let his flat more quickly. In addition, at kautionsfrei.de he can rely on a provider who has been around since 2009, has won several awards and has already concluded thousands of framework agreements with large property management companies. Together with our partner, R+V Versicherung, we have summarised all the important information and advantages for landlords - just pass them on to your landlord.

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